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[GAME] Tournaments - Reconnected to a match on the opponent's side of the field and didn't receive prize


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So for awhile, I have been dealing with the app reloading whenever I would switch to a different page or it would just reload due to bad network connection. This is very annoying honestly. But that is not really the reason why I am posting this.


Last night, I decided to go into a PTCGO tournament on the app. It was a Standard play, payment: 4 tickets. When the game was almost over, my app went black and showed the loading screen. It said "Network reconnecting.." Or something along those lines. When it finally reconnected after maybe 3-5 minutes, it brought me back to the game I was in. Everything was the same, except for one major problem...my deck and Pokemon were on my opponent's side of the field and their Pokemon and deck were on my field. My hand was on his side and his hand were on my side. Problem was that I was unable to select anything. It immediately passed my turn everytime without showing a countdown. It was as though someone was immediately selecting "end turn" and all I could do was communicate with my opponent via game chat. They thought it was strange and said that everything was normal on their screen.


After the game ended, I earned nothing. No uncommon chest or even a pack. Normally, if you lose in the tournament, you are awarded at least an uncommon chest, but I got nothing. As though I threw away 4 tickets...


For those of you that use the app, and with an apple device, be careful, because something like this might happen to you as well; unless it gets patched ofc. It is such a strange bug in my personal opinion

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Hi Kwatsu!


I'm sorry to hear that! This is a known issue which the Dev team is working to resolve. I recommend submitting a support ticket to see if you can be compensated. Simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question" to do so.


Thanks for your patience and your report! :)

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