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2.35 Patch Notes | March 30, 2016

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Version 2.35.0
March 30, 2016


  • New Legacy format!
  • Bonus Wheel updates!


  • The new Legacy format has been added to Versus Mode and Tournaments. The Legacy format allows players to construct decks using cards only from the HeartGold & SoulSilver Series, the Call of Legends expansion, and the Black & White Series.
  • The Unlimited format is now available exclusively in Friend Battle. All custom and theme decks are considered Unlimited decks in Friend Battle. Cards that had previously been banned in the Unlimited format for game balance reasons are no longer banned from play in Friend Battle.
  • The game client has been updated to the latest version of the Unity game engine. Players may be required to download the card cache again as a side effect of this update.
  • Fixes for various known bugs.


  • The Victor’s Bonus Wheel now includes an additional bonus reward on each panel. Each bonus reward can only be received once per day.
  • The standard rewards on the Victor’s Bonus Wheel have been rebalanced to account for the addition of bonus rewards.
  • A new Tournament Bonus Wheel has been added for Tournament matches. Each player receives a spin on the Tournament Bonus Wheel, regardless of match outcome.


  • The coin that was previously spinning at the start of a match now remains stationary until a player chooses heads or tails.
  • A deck-shuffling animation has been added.
  • Attacks with an effect that put damage counters on a Pokémon now have separate animations from attacks that do damage.
  • Pips for Energy and Pokémon Tools attached to a Pokémon are now displayed when that Pokémon is moused over.
  • The contents of the discard pile can now be inspected in stacked view. This view consolidates multiple copies of the same card into a single stack with the number of cards in the stack listed below it. The stacked view option will be added to the deck search interface in a future game update.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Mechanically identical cards from different expansions or with different foil versions are not being properly consolidated when stacked view is enabled.


  • Implemented a less obtrusive visual indicator for cards that have been banned. This indicator now appears as a button in the upper-right corner of the card that can be clicked to view the formats in which the card is banned.


  • The Print Deck feature has been refactored to provide a more consistent experience.


  • Code cards obtained during Play! Pokémon Prerelease events can now be redeemed prior to the expansion’s release date. Products received in this manner appear in the Collection but cannot be opened or traded until the official release date.  Visit the Play! section of the website for more information on Play! Pokémon events.


  • The code redemption feature has been disabled in the iPad client at the requirement of Apple. iPad users who wish to redeem codes into their account can do so through the Windows of Mac clients. We are working to develop alternate methods for code redemption and appreciate your understanding. We apologize for this inconvenience.
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Bug Fixes


  • Effects of Stadium cards now consistently apply to Pokémon LEGEND cards, regardless of the order in which they entered play.
  • Altaria (DRX #84, PR #BW48, BCR #152): The Fight Song Ability now consistently provides extra damage for Dragon-type Pokémon.
  • Bursting Balloon (BKP #97): Damage counters are now consistently placed on the attacking Pokémon when the trigger conditions for this card are met.
  • Charizard (GEN #RC5): The correct animations now play for the Recall attack while Shrine of Memories (PRC #139) is in play.
  • Druddigon (FLF #70): The status effect indicator for the Revenge attack no longer appears when its trigger conditions have not been met.
  • Enhanced Hammer (DEX #94, PHF #94, PRC #162): Users are no longer required to select a target for this card when only one valid target is play.
  • Evosoda (XY #116): This card can no longer target ineligible Pokémon while Forest of Giant Plants (AOR #74) is in play.
  • Florges (BKT #103): The Calming Aroma Ability now properly ends when Hex Maniac is played.
  • Florges (BKT #103): The Calming Aroma Ability now properly ends when this Pokémon leaves play.
  • Garchomp-EX (BSP #XY09): The Power Blast attack now properly allows the user to choose which Energy to discard.
  • Gengar (TM #94): The Catastrophe Poké-BODY discards previous evolutions if used on a Stage 1 or 2 Pokémon.
  • Giovanni's Scheme (BKT #138, #162): Choosing the second effect of this card now properly increases damage done to the opponent’s Active Pokémon.
  • Greninja (BKP #40): The effect of the Shadow Stitching attack no longer ends early if Greninja is moved to the Bench.
  • Greninja (BKP #40): The Moonlight Slash attack no longer prevents Exp. Share (NXD #87, DRV #18, PRC #128) from triggering when its conditions have been met.
  • Interviewer's Questions (UL #77, CL #79): Both players are now consistently shown all of the cards revealed by Interviewer’s Questions.
  • Malamar (AOR #46): The Trash Tentacle attack no properly calculates damage in all situations.
  • Max Potion (EPO #94, PLF #121, BKP #103): Energy attached to the healed Pokémon is now consistently discarded immediately.
  • Meowstic (BKP #59): Effects on Energy cards now consistently activate when attached to a Pokémon via the Energy Present attack.
  • Noivern (FFI #77): The Echolocation Ability now consistently prevents damage when Heads is flipped.
  • Palkia-EX (BKP #31): The Aqua Turbo attack can now only select Water Energy cards that are in the deck.
  • Pikachu (PR #HGSS3): Weakness and Resistance is now properly displayed in the info panel.
  • Random Receiver (DEX #99, PLS #138): This card no longer randomly ends the player's turn.
  • Regice (AOR #24): The effect of the Resistance Blizzard attack no longer prevents Max Potion (EPO #94, PLF #121, BKP #103) and Super Potion (XY #128) from resolving correctly.
  • Reverse Valley (BKP #110): Darkness-type Pokémon no longer incorrectly do more damage to the opponent’s Benched Pokémon.
  • Reverse Valley (BKP #110): This card can no longer be played while another copy of Reverse Valley is in play.
  • Shaymin-EX (ROS #77, #106): Team Flare Hyper Gear cards attached to Shaymin-EX are now properly returned to their owner’s hand when the Sky Return attack is used.
  • Sky Field (ROS #89): This card now consistently limits the maximum Bench size to 8 Pokémon.
  • Spiritomb (TM #10): The game prompt for the Color Tag attack now appears properly.
  • Suicune (BKP #30): The Wind Charm Ability now consistently prevents the effects of the opponent’s attacks while Suicune is the Active Pokémon.
  • Talonflame (PHF #10): Talonflame now consistently takes more damage during the opponent’s next turn after the Jet Shoot attack is used.
  • Tool Retriever (FFI #101): This card can no longer be played for no effect.
  • Umbreon (PR #XY96): The proper animation now plays when the Lunatic Sense attack is used.
  • Umbreon (PR #XY96): This card is no longer filtered as a Mega Pokémon-EX.
  • Victini (NVI #14, #98, PR #BW32, LTR #23): The Victory Star Ability may now be activated to reflip coins from Shiftry’s (BKP #73) Roll Up attack.
  • Wobbuffet (PHF #36): The Bide Barricade Ability now consistently disables the Abilities of a non-Psychic Pokémon BREAK card's previous evolution.
  • Zoroark BREAK (BKT #92): The Foul Play attack now deals the correct amount of damage when copying M Scizor-EX's (BKP #77, #120) Iron Crusher attack.

Gameplay: General

  • A positive status marker no longer appears while Fighting Fury Belt (BKP #99**** attached to an evolved Pokémon.
  • All Pokémon Tool cards now display the correct Tool Pip.
  • Attacks which damage all of a player’s Pokémon now play the proper animation when the User Simple Effects option is enabled.
  • Clicking the OK button during a mulligan now consistently resets the inactivity timer.
  • Trainer cards should no longer become stuck on the playmat while dragging them into play.
  • Receiving a trade notification while zoomed in on a card no longer affects the match.
  • Resolved an issue which occasionally prevented a player viewing their opponent’s discard pile from closing the discard pile window.
  • Resolved several issues which caused the inactivity timer to appear at the wrong time, or under invalid circumstances.
  • The game should no longer soft lock on the card selection window when playing a card which searches the discard pile.

Cards: Collection

  • Default deck boxes should no longer appear when the Show Not Owned option is enabled.


  • Resolved an issue which rarely caused users to disconnect from the game client when attempting to save an Avatar.

Daily Challenges

  • Resolved an issue which prevented a small number of users from accepting new Daily Challenges.


  • Resolved an issue which prevented users with one or more special characters in their screen name from using the Chat feature.
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