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[Standard] Help with M Heracross deck


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So I wanted to build my 2nd deck and of course I want to build around a pokemon that I enjoy. Since I really like Heracross, I thought about building a deck around it. But after seeing the M Hera card, I was like "this card looks bad... <_< " but I must at least try building something that can win some matches. I am aware that this can lose easily to random stuff or the most standard decks out there.


Main goal: Get out M Hera as quick as possible with energies to attack. Golduck Break to switch around energies to max potion and maximize M Heracross's damage. Pretty straight forward idea, the execution bit is what I'm concerned, I feel like it's hard to pull off.



Pokemon (15)


  • 3 Heracross-EX
  • 2 Mega Heracross-EX
  • 2 Remoraid
  • 2 Octillery
  • 2 Psyduck
  • 2 Golduck
  • 2 Golduck Break

Trainer Cards (35)

  • 4 VS seeker
  • 2 Battle Compressor
  • 2 Dive Ball
  • 1 Pokemon Fan Club
  • 1 Deliquent
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 2 Float Stone
  • 2 Hex Maniac
  • 2 Ultra Ball
  • 4 Max Potion
  • 4 Mega Turbo
  • 2 Giovanni's Scheme
  • 1 Professor Sycamore
  • 2 Prof.  Birch
  • 1 Lysandre
  • 1 Skyla
  • 2 Wally
  • 2 Muscle Band

Energy (10)

  • 8 Grass Energy
  • 2 Water Energy


My main concerns:

- Deck Engine: My draw power comes almost only from Octillery which I fear it isn't enough. 

- Super Rod: I put it there for late game situations where I would benefit returning some energies and perhaps an Heracross-EX back to the deck. My issue with this is - does this deck even reach late game ? I don't exactly intend to live the rest of the match after a M Heracross goes down. I'm unsure if I should switch this super rod for a birch or a shauna.

- Field control: I don't know of any field that would benefit this strategy, and since I use a ton of items, I just went with Delinquent. Don't know if I can improve the deck in this department. 


Main notes:

- 1 Sycamore: Since I have a bunch of cards that are situational and can't be played right away (such as max potions and mega turbos) I wanted to avoid discarding them. Sycamore would only be there to be compressed and VS seeker'ed when I would not lose any important card.

- 2 Hex Maniac: Because Item lock Trev decks are good and popular and almost half of the cards in this deck are items so...yeah. Throwing Hex maniac to get rid of the items, VS seeker this if needed to repeat the process.

- 2 Giovanni's Scheme: I appreciate the versatility of drawing cards, but I would use this mainly for the +20 damage. Because Muscle band M Heracross doesn't ohko fighting fury belt EX's or Megas but hardly any of these have more than 220HP to take that boosted hit.



Suggestions please. Even a "that's just bad man, don't think building a deck around that strategy" I'll take into consideration.  :lol:

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Quite hard to build around M Heracross EX.


1st trouble: no spirit link. But if you enjoy the poke too much to still loosing 1 turn, it's ok.


After that, think that most Megas and Meta decks are hitting (hard) for just 2 energies now. It's a disadvantage when you have to set up 3. So good point that awesome quantity of Mega turbo. Maybe a chance to Max Elixir?


The pokémon Fan club is not good anymore unless you're running a lot of EX. Make a try with Brigette as you're running so much support. Maybe good with all that item locks out there. I've seen the Dive balls after writing this. But still a thing you can consider.


I would try with at least 4 Birch but Octillery should be there so, not bad that 2+1 Sycamore. Do you actually have a fast evolution into Octillery and Golduck Break? I see the 2 Wally but maybe a pair of Evosoda would help if you use to be in trouble to get all in bench.


And as M Heracross hits harder with the full HP, why not Herbal energy? Because can't be moved and can't be attached by tools. But how about Splash energy? A Lysandred Octillery or Golduck (full chain?) would return to your hand.


So a hard deck to build but in my opinion you solved it quite good. Hope still better with some of that little ideas. The only problem you can have if you manage to play it is the other decks are just faster, but in the theory, can work.

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Appreciate the feedback Chasista. Yeah no spirit links sucks, but hopefully M Hera has the HP to live a couple of turns for the set up to heal it all off later with max potion.



I thought of Max Elixir, and personally I like fast decks with 4 of them in the deck. My problem with this is that Max Elixir isn't a guaranteed energy. Specially when I'm using only 10 energies, Max Elixir is a high risk card, that I prefer have safer cards in its place. Besides, I would need to attach it to a basic pokemon on the bench, which I wouldn't see happening much, I would be lucky to have an hera on the front and one on the bench (because I sure want to avoid my supporter pokemons from being the active). My main way of energy acceleration would be battle compress or ultra ball discard some energies to get them back with mega turbo.



I have considered Brigette, and I went for Pokemon Fan Club because for the situations where I have for example a single remoraid or psyduck on the field. With fan club I can get Heracross and psyduck/remoraid. With Brigette I would only get either heracross or just remoraid(s) or psyduck(s).



Actually I had evo sodas at the beginning of this deck construction. The problem was "I need this, and I need that...oh, and that" while I was building so I needed to cut some corners. I figured I would get the evolutions out with dive balls, ultra balls and wallys.



I see that we think alike, 'cause I also considered splash and herbal energies xD . Yet I decided to not add them. The main issue I have with them is that a Splash energy can't be attached to Hera, and Herbal energy can't be attached to my water supporters (not to mention I can't get them back with mega turbo). Splash energy not fitting Hera is a big handicap 'cause I need to use every resource I have to get those attacks going, and since Herbal energy doesn't fit my water pokemons, I would have to sacrifice the herbal energy to heal with max potion. If something gets Lysandre'ed out...Well, I'll just have to deal with it and answer with a M Hera hit, it wouldn't be a "free" snipe. Super Rod could let me recover some sniped pokemon, but more I think about it, more I want to ditch it for another birch.

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Welp, judging by the response, I guess that people in general don't feel comfortable with this deck. I too had 2nd thoughts but I'll try it just for the lolz. Gonna farm some packs in the following week and then I'll say if this has any potential or is a complete backfire.


Thank you for reading.  :D

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