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Which Grass deck should I go for?


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After making a M Sceptile-EX/Sceptile PRC deck and a Chesnaught BREAK/Ariados non-EX deck, I'm looking to build another mono Grass EX deck for standard. The way I build decks is I choose 1 EX which I will use as the only EX in the deck. However I am unable to make a choice, so I'd like you guys to do so. Please let me know down below which one of the following you think I should use:


- Trevenant-EX PRC

- Leafeon-EX GEN

- M Heracross-EX FFI

- M Venusaur-EX GEN

- Chesnaught-EX XY Black Star Promos

- Shaymin-EX XY-P Promos


The EX that wins will be the only EX that is featured in the deck.

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After watching what they do, I would say Leafeon or Chesnaught. I would go for Chesnaught with trick coin. 


Is there anyway to change energies around with mono grass deck ? M Heracross EX with Golduck break and max potions might work but ruins your mono theme.

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No love for a lil unconventional?


1) Allergy Shock Beedrill

2) Shiftry with Sky Field

3) Machamp-Ex with Ariados

4) Crisis Vine M Venusaur Ex with Vivillion

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