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Deck Building Resources For Newer Players: Basic Sites/Guides.


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(*This is taken from my post that I did answering another post, thought it would be a useful guide for new players looking for 3rd party resources for deck building.)


Hello, welcome PTCGO! 


 There are alot of online resources for a new player that I'd suggest if you are interested in making decks. I will list them as followed. (Keep in mind, this isn't something you have to do, just a friendly hint to help you get going!)


[That being said, I have compiled a list I personally use for my own "deck needs" that I thought would be helpful for the aspiring trainer! Think of this as a nice little check-sheet to get you going in the online or real life TCG, as the info could save you time from having to continually search without  proper results. Granted, I am not saying these are the best, or only resources available, just ones that I feel are good starters!]


[Content edited by Mod_Turtle: Only links to official Pokémon sites are allowed on the forums. Links to or recommendations to other sites are not allowed.]


This about sums up a basic list, I hope you enjoyed this, or it helped some. Please feel free to comment, and remember to have fun! See ya in game!

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Hello RogueSpecter,


Sharing links or referring players to sites other than official Pokémon sites is not allowed on the forums. I will be closing this thread.


In order to ensure player security, we do not allow lists of references as it may encourage other players to refer other 3rd party sites. Thank you for understanding.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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