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Lf night march items


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I have some stuff but just a tip: if you list what you need, more people will be interested and you will know exactly what you can get from anyone and an approximate value.


If you say stuff and I have some cards, I have to ask what you need for if I have your wants or not. Also, is not only 1 unique list of Night March deck so different people will think about different cards (specially trainers and so).


If you say 3 Pumpkaboo, 2 Joltik and 2 Battle compressor I would check my binder to say: hey, I have everything, this would worth 2,5 packs.


Or... I have the 3 Pumpka but 1 Joltik and 1 Battle compressor, I leave it in 1,5 packs.


And it's faster for you and you will get more replies and more accurate ones.

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