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Game problems that suddenly show up


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I have just started the game up as normal on my PC, however i've noticed two problems.


1: A challenge i have already completed keeps coming up that i have to do it, despite the fact i have pressed the delete button to dispose of it


2: When i trigger a game, PVP, or CPU, or just do what i nromally do, the game tjrows me out saying that the connection failed, despite the fact my internet connection is working fine. Can you explain why the game is throwing me out? I hope it was a simple oproblem in the game's servers that can be fixed.

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Hello friends of the pokemon world, I want to tell you that recently, I started up may game, its all the same thing, as usual. Then my game freezes... I force quit but that didn't work. So, I restarted my computer. The next time I came in, ( I can't describe it well) It was all static- like and the colors of the game were mixed up. I deleted the game and emptied my trash (Mac Computer) and reinstalled it, and it STILL happened. So can anyone PLEASE explain this problem?




My game keeps crashing after every verses win I get. I tried to re-install the game but nothing works. Is there a fix so that I don't have to keep restarting my game. Thanx.


Hi guys !


I'm a new player. I started the tutorial, but my game stopped with a window : Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working...

I tried to reboot, uninstall, but when I come back, the game crash and I see the same message.


I tried many solutions, but any works... Can you help me ?


Hi, I'm running Windows 8 and the program on administrator mode. The game has been crashing only at one specific point: in trainer challenge, city championship, the second I select Rika the game crashes. I can't continue in the championship. Any help?


Similar instances to what happened to you. Its abrupt to see game crash at so many instances. All I could find was GonzoMD answering to the the problem - cowchin posted.


This is a known issue, although I'm not certain if it has been patched or not.


The suggested solution that the staff has given in the meantime is to update your video drivers. It appears that doing so has solved the issue for some people.


All I can say is download again ? and try the solution gonzomd gave.


Hope that helps you and you can enjoy the game again. :)



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