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Generations Exs and other exs Instock trading for packs


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Only accepting Roaring skies or Breakpoint packs


Leafeon Ex--------- 2 packs---------1 instock

Sylveon Ex--------- 2 packs---------1 instock

Vaporeon Ex---------2 packs---------1 instock

Ninetails Ex--------- 2 packs---------1 instock

Charizard Ex--------- 4 packs---------1 instock

Other Exs

Cresselia Ex--------- 1 pack---------1 instock

Dialga Ex FA from Plasma Blast--------- 4 packs---------1 instock

Latios Ex from Plasma Freeze--------- 2 packs---------1 instock

M Latios Ex--------- 2 packs---------1 instock

Mew Ex FA from Legendary Treasures--------- 2 packs---------2 instock


Msg Chanse69 for trades

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Hello! :)

I would like to take your Sylevon ex and Vaporeon ex.

I have rs and bp packs and i sent you a friend request in the game.

Thank you in advance!

And I think it will be more helpful if you specify that these ex are regular art or full art :rolleyes:

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