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Revitalizer has made my Chesnaught BREAK better! (Well as good as it's gonna get)


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So I am a very big fan of Chesnaught.  I'm sure there are several others out there who are too.

If you're like me you built a Chesnaught BREAK deck and...well...it didn't work very well.


But now we have revitalizer!  After building around it I have come up with a decklist that is pretty consistent turn 2 - 160 damage...by pretty I mean above 50% probably closer to 75% a good deal of the time.  By no means will this crush tier 1 decks consistently, but it is very fun to play and I would like to share the decklist and open up to suggestions.


Chesnaught BREAK:


1 Shaymin EX

4-3-3-2 Chesnaught BREAK line (2 Spiky Shield and 1 Adamantine Press)

3-3 Milotic line (Energy Grace)


3 Acro Bike

4 Ultra Ball

4 Battle Compressor

4 Trainers' Mail

4 Revitalizer

4 Professor Sycamore

1 Sacred Ash

3 Forest of Giant Plants

2 Bursting Balloon

2 Protection Cube


10 Grass


As you can see it's so simple and basic that there aren't even any Lysandres

The main two things I want to point out are my decisions for the Pokémon lineups and the 1 of Sacred Ash.  There's only 7 basics besides Shaymin so that's why it's 4 Chespin 3 Feebas.  I found that when running only 2 Milotic, if there are prize issues or the need to pitch 1 that it was hard to set up Energy Grace.  Sacred Ash lets you shuffle back in for usually a 3rd Energy Grace if the game goes long or allows you a way to set up your 3rd Chesnaught BREAK if you are out of revitalizers.


Last note: This deck burns through very very fast, but can often get the jump on EX's.

It's so much fun that now I'm going to try and build a Nurture and Heal Sceptile version with a 2-2-2 line or something similar.  Not sure how that's gonna work but with revitalizer I have high hopes.


PS: Greninja BREAK matchups with this deck are interesting with Touchdown and a 30HP Feebas lol

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