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Blastoise/ Feraligatr Deck Idea (World Champion Deck)


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For those who still have the old HS cards, here is a great deck for all ages.


(This deck was not made by me, but by the 2003 Pokemon World Champion. He is my Pokemon league leader.)


Use Blastoise to do 100 damage to any Pokemon of your opponents, returning two energy to your hand. You may wonder why this deck is effective, because it will take 2 more turns to build up the attack again? Well, if you have Feraligatr on the bench, during your next turn, you may attach as many water energy from your hand to Blastoise, allowing him to do *********** every turn.


Another even better strategy involves cards from XY. Kyogre EX. ****************, returning two energy to your hand, its the same principle.

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