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Energy moving deck with Slowking and Sylveon


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This is another fun, semi-competitive deck. Basically, you run both Slowking and Sylveon with Lugia-EX. (Really Mega Mewtwo Y would be better, but it just hard to fit it all in). 




4X3 Sylveon

3 Lugia

2X2 Slowking


I put in 1 Target Whistle and 2 Pokemon Catcher, but the rest is typical stuff (with 2 Lysander).


Unfortunately you can only move energy off of the active to someone on the bench, but basically there are two tactics here. #1 of course is energy disruption, but #2 is you are trying to load up someone with energy to increase Lugia's attack power.


This is why you run Pokemon Catcher and Target Whistle. For on thing, you want to ensure that there is someone to move the energy on to, hence Target Whistle. For another, you want to be able to dump energy onto someone on the bench, then bring them up to be KOed in a single turn. 


This can get tricky if you are trying to KO someone like Mega Mewtwo, or Yveltal, etc, because it means that if you don't OHKO them, then they will likely be able to KO you on the next turn. 


But this is also where Deep Hurricane comes in. However because of this I run Muscle Band instead of FFB, also Muscle Band works on Sylveon.


Like I said, its  fun deck that often results in tricky situations, for both you can the opponent when you play it. But it can also be cool when you move energy onto a pokemon, then bring it to the active spot to KO it.


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Haha! Pretty troll deck, people will hate you fast. Here is my deck list, I run it with Vileplume to cause even more grieve (This is expanded but easily made standard)

Pokémon - 22
4 Eevee FFI 80
4 Sylveon FFI 72
2 Oddish AOR 1
2 Gloom AOR 2
2 Vileplume AOR 3
1 Jirachi PR-XY XY67
3 Slowpoke BKP 19
3 Slowking BKP 21
1 Shaymin-EX ROS 106
Trainer Cards - 27
2 Lysandre AOR 78
1 Xerosic PHF 119
2 Professor Birch's Observations PRC 159
1 Skyla BKP 122
1 Pokémon Communication BLW 99
2 Team Flare Grunt XY 129
3 Forest of Giant Plants AOR 74
3 Level Ball AOR 76
1 Brigette BKT 161
1 Hex Maniac AOR 75
1 Ultra Ball ROS 93
2 Muscle Band XY 121
3 Professor Sycamore PHF 101
3 VS Seeker PHF 109
1 Delinquent BKP 98
Energy - 11
4 Double Colorless Energy NXD 92
7 Fairy Energy XY 140
Total Cards - 60
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So this is my current version of the deck and its doing pretty good. One of the better rogue decks I've built lately. Iv'e won against Yveltal, Garchomp and Trev with it. 



****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******
Pokémon - 14
4 Eevee FFI 80
2 Lugia-EX AOR 68
3 Sylveon FFI 72
1 Xerneas-EX XY 97
2 Slowpoke BKP 19
2 Slowking BKP 21
Trainer Cards - 36
1 Giovanni's Scheme BKT 162
1 Super Rod BKT 149
2 Lysandre AOR 78
2 Professor Sycamore BKP 107
1 Startling Megaphone FLF 97
4 Shauna PHF 104
2 Ultra Ball FLF 99
2 Escape Rope PLS 120
2 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92
1 Skyla BKT 148
2 Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99
2 Level Ball AOR 76
3 VS Seeker ROS 110
2 Head Ringer Team Flare Hyper Gear PHF 97
1 Judge BKT 143
3 Fairy Garden XY 117
1 Hex Maniac AOR 75
2 Muscle Band XY 121
2 Target Whistle Team Flare Gear PHF 106
Energy - 10
6 Fairy Energy Energy 9
4 Double Colorless Energy NXD 92
Total Cards - 60
****** Deck List Generated by Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******
The Target Whistle is to make sure you have stuff to move energy onto, and of course to get stuff like Shaymin and Hoopa back out to double kill. In my last game a guy discarded a Hoopa on turn 1 (going first) and I had a Target Whistle and an Escape Rope in hand, so I opened with bringing Hoopa to the active to stall :P Pretty annoying :D
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