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Need replace Toad. (Yveltal Toad Gallade)


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I want to build the deck with Gallade bkt so here is my list.


=== Pokemon ==== 14
Yveltal xy 2
Yveltal bkt 1
YveltalEX 2
SeismitoadEX 2
Gallade bkt 2
Zoroark bkt 2x2
Shaymin EX AOR 1


=== Support ==== 9
Prof.Sycamore 4
Lysendre 2
Hex maniac 1
Maxie 2


=== Items ==== 21
Ultraball 4
Vs seeker 4
Battle compressor 2
Acro bike 3
Trainer's mail 3

Floating stone 2
muscle band 3


=== Stadium ==== 4
Reverse Valley 4

=== Energy ==== 12
Dark energy 8





I really like Gallade.


I tried Gallade + Steel => Fail.

and Gallade + Garchomp => w/o DCE, Gallade can't t1 attack. Fail.


So I try new Deck with dark - pokemons( especially DCE lovers: Yveltal-EX and Zoroark bkt ) and I add Seismitoad for control.


But Toad is little weak in XY standard. I need other pokemon better than Seismitoad. Could you recommend some-mon?

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No, just get rid of Toad, it's not needed. In my Yveltal deck I run:




Yveltal xy 3


Yveltal bkt 1


YveltalEX 3


Zoroark bkt 2x2


Shaymin EX AOR 2




Because honestly I don't think Gallade is that great, and IMO fooling around with Maxies is more trouble than its worth in that deck. But you can run something similar but with 2 Gallade.




But I run 3 Max Elixir, which I think is better than Gallade.




But really, Gallade/Garchomp shouldn't be bad. I run Garchomp/Zoroark, and I run just a single DCE. You discard the DCE and then attach it with Garchomp.




If you are doing Maxies Gallade, then you can Battle Compress Gallade and the DCE, then use Garchomp to put it on after you get Gallade on the bench. I'd probably do something like:




4X2X4 Garchomp


1 Miltank (or Hawlucha, but really you need more help with non-EXs than EXs)


2X2 Octillery


2 Gallade




Then when you have the Octillery you can really take advantage of Gallade's ability.




Other deck that I ran was:




4 Lucario-EX


2 Hawlucha


2X2 Octillery


2 Gallade


1 Machamp




Again, the combo of both Lucario and Octillery's draw power works well with Gallade. You could also go for a Mega Lucario in this deck instead of Machamp, or just leave Machamp out, but I figured that if I was running Maxies, might as well give myself more options. The nice thing about Mega Lucario is you can either use a Hidden Ball Trick to ******* out, or if the situation is right, just Mega Evolve a Lucario.




It's funny if someone does something like Lysander out Octillery thinking that they have you and instead of trying to get Octillery out of the active, you just Mega Evolve Lucario. Then yeah, maybe they take out your Octilery, but Doh! Mega Lucario, Yikes!

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