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Legacy Celebi Genesect Deck Help


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This is my list for the upcoming legacy format, could I get some help tuning it?


Pokémon - 10


1 Smeargle (CoL) 

3 Celebi Prime

3 Genesect-EX

2 Virizion-EX 

1 Jirachi-EX 


Trainer Cards - 37


3 Switch

2 Colress Machine

1 G Booster

3 Professor Juniper 

4 Bicycle 

1 Shadow Triad

3 Skyla 

1 N

3 Professor Oak's New Theory 

3 Skyarrow Bridge 

1 Super Rod 

4 Ultra Ball 

1 Energy Retrieval 

2 Dual Ball 

1 Tool Scrapper 

4 Junk Arm 


Energy - 13


4 Plasma Energy 

9 Grass Energy 


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I run a similar deck. I use Genesect EX for good firepower and Virizion EX as backup.


I recommend some Energy Retrievals to pull energy out of discard  (G Booster is an energy sucker.)


Overall great deck.

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Maybe toss out an ultra ball and add another dual ball. The way I see it, you have all basic pokemon in this deck and ultra ball will just be tossing out extra cards that you may need. Now mind, you have a 25% chance that you will get nothing, but if you also have a 25% to get 2 as well as a 50% chance to get 1, its all really up to how well you think your chance are and if getting rid of 2 cards are worth it.

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