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[GAME] Tournaments - Weird Tournament behavior after latency indicator appeared


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I was just in a tournament game I should have lost.


I noticed the little connection symbol on my screen going back and forth between yellow and red. The game's timer started showing up on my opponent's turn. Then, with roughly 6 seconds left, it let me respond and I did.


I should have lost the game, my opponent was way ahead, but I won. Perhaps my opponent disconnected.


I waited in the tournament lobby to be put up against someone else. The max round time remaining hit 0. The new round started, it said I had been put up against someone else and then lost.


About a minute or two after that, as I began posting this, it let me know the next round would begin in 60 seconds. I hit okay.


The timer was already on "max tournament time remaining".


Nevertheless, 60 seconds into it, it loaded up a new game.


I'm now sitting in a game lobby, waiting for my opponent to load, and getting a timer for myself, followed by a defeat as the timer hit 0.


My internet connection is fine.


What is going on?


I used 6 tournament tickets on this. If I lost, I lost. However, this weirdness is not worth the 6 tickets I dropped.

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Hi Tesagk!


I suggest that you submit a ticket regarding this issue, especially if you experience it again. If you are able to get any screenshots of the issue, we would appreciate if you could attach those to your ticket as well.


Simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question" to submit a ticket.


Thanks for your report and your patience!

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