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How to support line should be for standart


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For non-shaymin and octilarry  

how supporter line should for steady flow?

how  is math doing in this equation


If what you're asking is what are your alternative for pokemon that help you draw, youdon't have many. There's XY Delphox, which does the same thing as Octillery (and actually draws up to 6 cards instead of 5) and comes with the but being a stage 2 is a big drawback when compared to Octillery or Shaymin. There's also Shiftry from the basic green, which is like a grass version of Sorched Earth, but it's also a stage 2.


Your other alternative is to substitute the support lines with draw trainers, specially with draw items. Acro Bikes are very good for drawing if you aren't using them already. Trainer's mail are also good. Another thing you can do is run 4 VS seeker with 2 or so Battle Compressor (some decks benefit from running 3-4, but most decks don't need that much discarding power). This allows you to get rid of cards you no longer need for the game you're currently playing and to send your supporters to the discard pile, which you can then access via VS seeker.


Honestly though, you could probably obtain a 2-2 Octillery line easily. IIRC, the Octillery is worth like 1,5 packs and the remoraid like 0,25. 


You can go play a tournament. Even if you lose on round 1, you still get at least 1 tournament chest, which a lot of companies accept for 0,5. You can then buy 4 pikachu box (220 tokens total; companies accept the for 0,25 aprox, but they also limit how many you can use in a single order), and you have the 1,5 packs you need for 1 Octillery. Do it twice and you have the octillerys. For the remoraids, you can buy them as well or you can just trade random stuff in the public trade for them. So, for 8 tickets and 440 tokens you can get the 2 octillerys guaranteed (asuming you don't win any rounds; if you did, you could potentially buy the octillerys with the tournaments rewards alone).

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 i don't know pikachu box thing thank for info

I mean garbodor and hex maniac can disturb shaymin and octi

I mean 4 juniper,3birch,1 shauna, 4 seeker would be enough for draw power


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I have decks that don't use Shaymin or Octillery. In fact my Trevenant deck doesn't cause I got tired of Shaymin starts. I use 4X4X3 Trev Break and 3 Wob in that deck. 


It's not totally typical though, because of all the Wally. But my draw support in that deck is just 3 Sycamore and 3 Shauna, with 4 Trainer's Mail.


I think if you don't want ability based draw, then a typical way to go is something like:


3 Shauna

2 Sycamore

1 Giovanni's Scheme

1 Tierno

1 Judge


(Assuming that you are playing 4 VS Seeker and 2 Battle Compressor).


I'd only play Tierno if I'm playing a lot of evolution though.


Also, for Fighting, you would play 4 Korrina of course, but IMO Octillery is THE way to go for Fighting, unless you are playing Lucario, then maybe you can just rely on Lucario for draw and play only like 4 Korrina, 1 Sycamore, 2 Shauna, 1 Giovanni, 1 Judge.


Personally, I don't like Birch. I only play Birch in decks that use Octillery. I'd basically rather use Judge than Birch most of the time.


If you are worried about Item Lock, then you can eliminate the Battle Compressors and go down to 3 VS Seeker and run more supporters, including 2 Lysander.

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Lucario ex can let you draw till you have 6 cards with its second attack. Deoxys and Kangaskhan ex also have attacks that draw cards.


The problem with not using pokemon to draw is that you can only play one supporter per turn and you can't just search for them with your pokemon search cards.

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The staple trainers basic line in the meta right now is:


4 Sycamore

4 Ultra ball (Dive ball for water decks)

4 Trainer's mail

4 Vs Seeker

2 Lysandre

2 Hex Maniac (because of Shaymins and items lock).

1 Judge (to change your hand/draw+disrupt)


2-3 Stadium if needed and space enough. Running 4 is win the Stadiums battle for sure (but also leaving less space for other things).


That's the main line all the decks are based on. Of course, after knowing that absolute numbers, some quantities can be changed depending on the deck itself. For example Greninja Break can hit the bench so no need for more that 1 Lysandre or even none of them to make an opponent pokémon active, or add 1-2 Level ball and just 2-3 Ultra ball...


Other interesting options that most of the decks use to run now are:


- Skyla > Just one because the 4 Trainer's mail but if you are item lock Skyla will get your next supporter/stadium in play)

- Wally > Up to 3-4 in case you need a 1st turn evo to control the game, (what means, turn one Item lock the opponent)

- AZ > Shaymin and high damaged pokémon recovery. Usually 1, max 2 unless if needed for the deck playing (Bats decks).

- Giovanni's Scheme > Usually 1, max 2, is a double supporter card, attack or draw.

- Korrina > if fighting deck (always 4).


And items as:


- Super rod > (1-2) or Fisherman (1) sometimes.

- Max elixir > Up to 4 or Mega turbo.

- Max potion > if fits the deck (Aromatisse, Greninja...)

- Battle compressor > 1-2 unless needed for the deck playing (Night March and so)

- Fighting Fury Belt/Muscle band or a mix of both (2-2 line or just 3 of one of them)

- Focus sash (for fighting decks)


Trainer cards use to be 28 to 34 cards in the entire deck. That provides you the power to get everything you need, in the moment you need it.


> Why the meta don't use cards as Tierno, Shauna, Prof Birch?


You look forward. If you have a "dead hand" and you are thinking in getting that exactly card you need, what you don't want is being short (only draw 3 cards which means you still have all your dead hand+ just 3) or draw the same again. You discard all and get a 7 full new powerful hand.


> In case I want to add some of that non so used cards just in case, what ones should I add?


The best is Prof Birch. Tierno used to be not enough. Shauna draws 5 cards. Prof Birch draws 5'5 (you have 50% to draw 4 or 7. Which menas in 2 times 11 cards, so in one time 5'5's the half). It's not so much difference between draw 4 cards or 5 but it's a lot of difference between 5 and 7.


Of course, everyone can play what makes him/her feel more comfortable and running the deck better.

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