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Will Bouffalant still work when Catcher's in?


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Well, I suppose a benched Baby will be alot worse, but those don't lose their main use. Bouffalant, at the other hand, is usually lowly energized, has a retreat cost of 2, and its perk doesn't work when it's targetted by Catcher. It means you're either going to have to let it die, or you waste 2 energies and speed, only for it to be targetted by Catcher later on again anyway.




So, that made me really wonder: what do people think? Does Catcher turn it from Revenge youknowwhat (censor) into nothing, or will it still be OK?




Funny how I'm hyped for Catcher. I frequently play the GBC games, where my thought about Gust of Wind is "meh, nothing special, too easily recovered from". But here it's entirely different.


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