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Head Ringer (PhF97) not removed from Shaymin EX (RoS97) ?


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I have a doubt. I don't know if the game has to do the way it's doing or it's a bug.


Playing, I had Shaymin EX (the famous Shaymin EX) and a Head Ringer was attached to it from my opponent.


I set up the Shaymin with 1psychic energy+1DCE to have enough energies to attack with the head ringer (costs 2 colourless energies).


I attacked for 30 damage and the ShayminEX+energies came back to my hand BUT, the Head Ringer was still attached to it, being Shaymin's card in my hand.


I was expecting the Head Ringer to be discarded but still remained in the Shaymin.


As it's not a tool I attached and cannot return to my hand probably the right thing should be to be returned to opponent's hand but that's not what the text says so isn't neither correct.


So just I never thought before in that possibility and probably is working right but I was expecting after attacking, the Head Ringer to be discarded.


Just... probably is right but has been awkward to me.


Also I'm thinking that if you AZ, the Head Ringer is discarded (no doubts), but if you Super Scoop up (FFists100) the Head Ringer will remain in your pokémon too? And the same if it's a Jamming Net (PhF98) of course.





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