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Trading Secret Rare Ultra Ball and FA N LF Roaring Skies Packs


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Trading secret rare ultra ball for 220rs and FA N for 90rs. :)


Some miscellaneous items i'm adding :


Raichu and Pikachu Promo x1 70 Roaring Skies


Jirachi Promo x1 60 Roaring Skies


Celebi Promo x4 45 Roaring Skies


Sableye Promo x1 45 Roaring Skies


Regirock Promo x4 40 Roaring Skies


Ditto Promo x2 1 35 Roaring Skies


Milotic Gameplay Set x3 50 Roaring Skies


Trevenant/Gourgeist x3/2 50 Roaring Skies


Druddigon Gameplay Set x6 35 Roaring Skies


Call of Legends Pack x1 20 Roaring Skies


The majority of my binder is also for trade, so don't hesitate to ask or send offers for other things.  :)

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Hi Gangly! I don't have that many spare RS packs. I sent an offer mixed cards/packs I hope you'd accept very close to 90 RS. Hoping I can cash in my recent frequent buyer rewards with this favor. Thanks :D

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