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Collection Sorting Options Suggestion


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This is a minor thing but I'd like to see the additional "Sort by" options available in the Deck Manager to be present while viewing your Colletion as well. Specifically, I mean the following:

  • Set, Card Number
  • Energy Type
  • Card Type
  • Non-Foil Cards
  • Weakness
  • Resistance

From those, the one I would like to see the most is the "Set, Card Number" option. When looking through my Collection to see what I'm missing for completion, this option is very useful. Right now I can still go to the deck manager, select the option to make a new deck and apply the sorting as an alternative, but it would be nice if I could do this in the Collection window as well.

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You can just click on "show not owned" when checking what you need for a certain set.

The problem with that is that it shows the foil cards as well. For the time being I am not going for perfect completes, so in the end I still have to go card by card to see what I own and what I dont.

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Interesting concept, I will forward your ideas to the development team. 


Thank you. I very much appreciate it.

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