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Trading away some very rare cards


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Hi, I'm trading away these valuable cards:
FOIL versions of these HGSS era trainers:
Copycat 7
Interviewer's question 7
Junk arm 15
Professor Oak's new theory 7
Switch 15
Twins 10

Bill 7

Cheerleader 7

Dual ball 7

Energy switch 7

Flower shop lady 10

Full heal 7

Lost world 10

Professor Elm's training method 7

Research record 7


Generation's pokemons:
Gardevoir EX 4
Sylveon EX 4
FA Articuno 3
FA Pikachu 4

I also have:
Blissey XY56 (only obtainable through gems) - 25
Deoxys SL1 - 55
SR Empoleon - 14

FOIL HGSS rainbow energy - 45

Red star promos 15 02 and 15 04 (champions festival and Festa dei Campioni) - 15 and 15
and SR Max potion - 100

I'm mainly looking for Generations packs, Plasma freze packs, HGSS era packs, Shaymin EX (both FA and non FA), Tropical beach.
I also accept RS packs, pre XY era packs, some prime pokemons and maybe some other rare cards.

Feel free to offer the price. I expect something slightly below what trading companies are charging for these cards.


EDIT: I added rough price estimates. I don't know the exact value of most of those cards so price can change either direction depending on the demand.

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Hey, I'm interested in your foil HGSS trainers. I've already added you in-game. Celebris, right? send me offers for the foil trainers in-game.

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I'm interested in your Gardevoir Ex. Do you have mega Gardevoir as well?


Sorry, Gardevoir EX is gone. I just forgot to cross it out.

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