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Mega Tyranatar / Bursting Balloon?


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Anyone tried this? I've traded all of my Mega Tyranatars away, but I really tried to make that deck work in the past and it never seemed to work in practice, however I'm thinking that Bursting Balloon could bring to life to this deck. 


With the Double trait you can Spirit Link and Bursting Balloon onto Mega Tyranatar. In addition, the Balloons can help you stall while you setup and now Max Elixir could make powering up a Tyranatar on the bench easier.


Before I ran Team Magma's Secret Base, but now I think I'd go with 4 Shadow Stadium due to Garchomp, but Mega Tyranatar could be the most viable 240 HP Mega actually.


Seems like you wouldn't need to change much, just put in 3 or 4 Bursting Balloons. I think I'd go down to a simple 2X2 line of bats as well. I'd probably run 4 Yveltal, 3X3 Mega Tyranatar, and 2X2 Bats. Not sure if I'd go with Hoopa and/or Shaymin, I'd have to test it and see. 


The other good thing is that since it's Darkness, for 2 energy attachments you can 1 shot Trevenant with the basic Tyranatar-EX, so this deck would still stand a chance against Trev.

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Sounds interesting. Specially the elixir of course.


As you, I never made this deck totally run in the past. Yes, I did 1040 damage sometimes but were no consistent.


I think probably a 2-2 Bats it's not enough and 3 Yveltal really it is most of the time.


I would love to make it work so I would like to take a look to update my King MTyranitar deck (LOL) but I NEED to grind on the ladder right now (and no time enough it seems -_- ). So I probably try next week maybe.


Sure I will follow the thread evo for good ideas!

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