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Spare stuff for best price than company


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I have a lot of card in spare and i want to get packs for them.. i ask less than company for my card so if someone one is interested PM me or send a message here....


- SR hydreigon .. company ask 4 RS .. i ask 3 RS


- SR mega kangazkhan.. company ask 3 RS.. i ask 2 RS


- Giratina FA not the ex.. company ( topcut  ask 9 RS).. i ask 5 RS


- Celebi ex RA.. company ask 2 RS and more.. i accept 2 BP


- yanmega prime.. company ask 6 RS.. i accept 4 RS + 1 BP


-terakion ex RA.. company ask 3 RS.. i accept 2 RS



* Please no hate comment , i have nothing against company i just want to trade this stuffs..


* All this stuff i just have 1 spare, so i just have 1 of all that... i might update this page time to time.

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