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Current Standard Decks?


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I'm a new player, played for a couple weeks, but have like 10 years mtg experience..


Is there a resource for current meta game decks?


I built night march coz it was easy, I'm doing okay on the versus stuff, but I'm finding out now, night march isn't as well positioned as I was lead to believe, apparently, only finding old articles telling me it's good..


So, a resource for standard metagame would be great, if someone could point me there..




You can see the versus ladder leaderboard on the site...What are my VS points? This might sound stupid, but nothing in game tells me what they are, is it my progression up the ladder of rewards...if so, I should be on that leaderboard, but am not...


Also, my profile, stats are wrong, wrong level, wrong amount of coins?


is there anyway to rectify this?


Thanks in advance,,,

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Seems like it's mostly a triangle of garchomp, trevenant, and dark decks. Garchomp became popular and destroyed most of the ex decks, trevenant also became popular and destroys garchomp decks, and dark decks can counter the trevenant decks.


Of course, you'll still see other decks. Night march is easy to make so a lot of people run it, mega mewtwo y decks are good at dealing tons of damage, and Greninja Break can snipe things on the bench. You can ko Shaymin over two turns.

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