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LF Xerneas-EX FT Roaring Skies


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aromatisse are 1 rs each thats what i sell them for

And xerneas are also 2 each at most

Each supporter can be bought for 0.25-0.5 skyla is common so you can get 4 for 1

2 fairy garden are almost a single pack or maybe 0.5

Considering xerneas at 1.5 each 4 skyla = 1 ,2 fairy gardens = 0.5 and 2 aromatisse = 2

Total 6.5 Rs and you are trying to give 2 for all

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Send me a trade for 5. 3 for 2 xern EX 1 for 2 aromatisses and 1 to cover the rest...just saying.. I'm at work and if u can't get for less..I'll accept when I get home.

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