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[CARD] Shaymin-EX (Roaring Skies #77, #106) - The Sky Return attack did no damage against Mew-EX (Unnamed)


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I think I experienced a game malfunction, which is not listed as a known issue as far as I can tell.


My sky return attack did strictly nothing against a Mew-EX charged with 3 basic energies (2 electric one psychic), and had no tools attached to it. As the defendant pokemon already had 110 damage, my understanding is that it should have been knocked out. Instead, all the attack did is return Shaymin EX and 2 basic energies to my hand.


I did not identify any reason (resistance, stadium or benched pokemon etc) why damage should have been reduced. During the previous turn my opponent had knocked my Raikou out by mirroring the Thunder Lance attack with the Versatile ability of Mew-EX.


Anyways, even if a 20 damage reduction would apply, the Mew-EX should have been knocked out since it already had 110 damage.


It is possible that the game did not take into account the fact that a Fighting Fury Belt previously attached to the Mew-EX had already been removed by using a Tool Scraper (which is not listed as a known issue either I think).


I hope this helps

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Hi iyado166,


My apologies for the delay! It would be incredibly helpful if you could submit your game log to us via support ticket if you experience this again. You can save the game log from your match by clicking the Social Menu, clicking the Game Log tab, and clicking "Export". This will copy it to your Clipboard where you can paste it into a .txt file and attach it to your ticket. You can create a ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".

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Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I did not save the game log at the time.

I will do so and send it via a ticket if I experience this again.


Thanks again

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