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Looking for 2 Gold Karp


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Not really sure what their value is, so send some offers my way.

Right now here are a few things I've got:

2x Raichu BREAK
3x Circle Circuit Raichu
1x Collector
2x Copycat
2x Pokegear 3.0
1x Manectric FA
2 Life Dew
4x Superior Energy Retrieval
1x Rev Trainers' Mail
1x Rev VS Seeker
1x Virbank
3x PLF Float Stone
2x Propagation Exeggcute
2x Jolteon AOR
1x Reshiram FA LTR
6x Holo Psychic
8x Holo XY Water
2x Holo BLW Water
1x BKP Pack

2x Greninja BREAK

Obviously it isn't much, lol. I'll grab more packs and stuff, and you can always check my binder incase there's something I didn't mention that you're interested in.

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