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Has anyone thought of this deck?


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Hi folks! What do you think of Garchomp with Pyroar (flare command) combo?? I haven't seen it yet, has anyone??




I got myself 4 Garchomp last week and i've been safely teaming up with Lucario to better understand it's mechanic. I quite enjoyed Garchomp's synergy so, next step now is to find the perfect partner and/or combo for it.




Garchomp (#70 BKP) is pretty easy and quick to setup with Korrina or wally, provides fluent energy boost (attention, Pyroar's ability), and it has this amazing attack that can OHKO any mega, with the proper steroids.


It's partner Pyroar (#12 PHF) snipes out any pokémon (except 'Stop' Ancient Trait bearers) at the cost of discarding 1 fire energy.




- Garchomp, sat up with Korrina + rare candy, boosted with muscle band, strong energies and fighting stadium, pretty much OHKOs anything, except high HP pokémon BREAK like Chesnaught. It also has the 'ability' of retrieving and attaching 1 special energy while *****************, and what's best, it can even attach to the active Garchomp!


- This said, Pyroar, being a stage 1 and therefor easy to setup, seems a good option because it covers for Garchomp weakness and it can easily snipe out the biggest threat at the cost of a fire energy, which Garchomp can reattach, or maybe even 1 copy of Blacksmith.


- I'm now trying to run 1-1 Barrier Shrine Ninetales to lock a Parallel City. Seems a good bet, as it only fills 2 slots and provides the benefit of not having my stadium replaced... but in the other hand if the stadium is discarded via delinquent or paint roller i can't play another... unless i cancel Ninetale's ability via Hex Maniac...hmm




Well, any ideas on what could complement this, or other combos that might work with Garchomp? Or have you seen it, what did you think of it? What am i missing... weak to any meta decks... or exposed to ability cancel? I'm built Expanded only to include N xD

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