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Login Issues


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Hi there! :)


Apologies if this topic has been posted before, but I've been experiencing login issues for the past few days where the game will load until 8%, then pop up an error message that says "could not reach Pokemon.com login service".


I've already tried flushing DNS, and unfortunately can't fiddle with the DNS settings on my laptop.


Are there any other solutions? 


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It is a pity that we all face the same problem. I am using window.


Hopefully, the pokemon techical staff will escalate the problem and deal with it .





See the same problems if you are interested 







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This is what i got from the tech support but simply doesnt work:-




Part 1








Thank you for contacting Pokémon Support.




For assistance with this issue, you will need to consult this Microsoft Helpdesk page: **************************************




If, after following the steps on that page, you are still having issues, you will need to contact Microsoft for further assistance, as the issue is with Windows, not the game.




After you have successfully reinstalled the game, if you use a router and you start experiencing issues you may need to configure the outbound ports to allow the game to connect correctly. The following ports need outbound forwarding:








-5222 (Chat)




If you use a router that is separate from your modem, you can try bypassing the router and connecting your computer directly to your modem. If your modem is also your router, then you may have to check the ports by connecting to your modem.




If you do not know how to open ports for your router or modem, please use your favourite search engine to look for "Name of Modem / Router port forwarding".




Part 2


Thank you for contacting Pokémon Support.




You will need to contact Microsoft for assistance with the "USER profile" error you were describing.




If you have opened the ports as instructed in our last email, it will clear up the loading issue. If you are unclear on how to open those ports, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your router/modem for assistance.




Thank you,


Pokémon Support Team


The following Customer(s) have been CC'ed: techhelp@pokemon.com,prodhelp@pokemon.com

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