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[GAME] General - Infinite "Waiting For the Other Player" Countdown


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Doesn't happen consistently, but when it does:


  1. It says it's waiting for the player to make a move
  2. Talking to the other player reveals their screen says it's your turn
  3. Both players are unable to concede because the concede button is either not clickable, or clickable and does nothing
  4. Only way to exit the match (as you can't progress) is to close the game
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Yup, I have been having this issue since the Generations patch.


I recorded 2 instances showing my opponent's timer ticking down and my "15 seconds left" timer counting down to 0 then restarting at 15 over and over.


This is definately something that happened with the last patch, as I have never had any issues other than 3 or 4 crashes over the last 6 months or so.

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Hey there!
Please see my response to your previous thread regarding the latency indicator and dropped connection. :) Trainers, if you see the latency indicator (a yellow WiFi symbol) appear next to your avatar, you are likely experiencing an issue with connection to the game server. Please check your internet connection for stability.


Thanks for your patience!

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