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Real life TCG standard deck?


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So I do play the TCG in real life and I was wondering, mostly cause I can't find anything on the internet, what constitutes a standard deck? I mean official guidelines/rules on a standard deck. Thanks in advanced. I have a good water deck going(at least I think) and I haven't lost yet! Just have a tournament coming up and didn't want to whip out a card or have a collaboration of cards that weren't to the standard.


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Standard format 2015-2016:


Allowed expansions: XY-Kalos Starter Set (KSS)--XY-BREAKpoint (BKP)



Allowed Promotional expansions: XY Black Star Promos XY01-on, Double Crisis, Trainer Kits 6-8, McDonald's Promos 2014 and higher.


All standard legal reprints are allowed, though some may require an outside-of-deck reference card.


Generations is not legal for standard until 3/14/2016)


Banned cards in standard are both versions of Lysandre's Trump Card.


I think that's it, someone correct me if I got something wrong...


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