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Hi, I'm going to start a thread on reviewing Standard EX cards.

Card: Venusaur-EX (XY)

Speed: 4/10

Venusaur-EX sets up a bit slowly, requiring at least 3 turns.

Attacks: 5/10

Its first attack, Poison Powder, is great in terms of balance.  It can be set up by turn 2, and this can be effective with Lysandre and Dragalge to lock a slow Pokemon into the Active position. Its second attack is not great.  It would be better if it did 110 damage or healed 40 or 50 damage.

Retreat: 2/10

Its attacks have a high cost, which is already taking at least 3 turns, and retreating once will remove all that energy! It would be better to have a retreat cost of 3.

Usability: 4/10

This is not a great card; it should be mainly used to evolve to the Mega.


Card: M Venusaur-EX (XY)

Speed: 1/10

Mega Venusaur has to Mega Evolve without a Spirit Link, and its attack costs 3 grass and 1 colorless, taking 4 turns to set up.

Attack: 6/10

Its attack is fantastic, doing 120, paralyzing, and poisoning your opponent! However, it has a large energy cost. It would be better if it had 2 Grass and 2 Colorless.

Retreat: 3/10

This card's retreat cost is better justified because of how good its attack is, but it is still high. It already has a high attack cost, now it also has a high retreat cost!

Usability: 4/10

It might be usable in some decks centered around it with energy acceleration, but it will still have problems. The best use will be using this as the main attacker, with Vileplume so that it is harder for your opponent to switch the Active out of paralysis.

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