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does anybody have Virizion or prime Tyranitar?


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pls I need that 2 cards to finish my deck


I'm offering:




Holo rare:


-Dialga & Palkia (Top & Bottom) (you'll need to offer both cards if you want them regular_smile.png)


-Prime Houndoom


-Prime Blissey




-Nidoking (set)


-Porygon Z




















Say me if you want another card (but that are the best cards i've got) or if you wanna offer another card (but be coherent please). sorry if I have an error in my English, I'm from Argentina. Thank's for your answers


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Virizion can only be found in Emerging Powers boosters which can not be redeemed until the 31st


thank's I didn't know that so I'll have to wait regular_smile.png


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