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Evolution deck


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I'm building a deck based around Pokemon abilities/moves which activate upon/benefit from evolution. Here is the deck so far:


The key to the entire deck is Porygon-Z and Clefable.

- Clefable's ability 'Moon Guidance' allows me to flip a coin once per turn and then search my deck for one Pokemon which evolves from any of my Pokemon currently in play allowing me to set up early in the game.

- Porygon-Z's move 'Digital Reboot' allows me to devolve as many of my Pokemon as many times as I like allowing me to utilize the abilities mentioned below multiple times.


The rest of my Pokemon are as follows:

- Haunter: allows me to confuse both Pokemon upon evolution from Gastly.

- Amoonguss: allows me confuse and poison the opponents active Pokemon upon evolution from Foonguss

- Crobat: allows me place 3 damage counters on any of the opponents Pokemon upon evolution from Golbat

- Mewtwo EX: as a heavy hitter and back up plan


I'm looking for suggestions of other Pokemon that could work well with this strategy. Psychic or Colourless would be ideal as they would fit easily into the deck but I can work any type in if its ability/move would help my deck. Also feel free to suggest any Trainers or Special energies that my deck could benefit from as well!

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Too many conditions involved for it to be effective to be honest... I mean the idea is good but it won't work 99% of the times.

Most of the times I guarantee you will find yourself looking for Mewtwo to be able to do some damage.

If you still want to go on with the evolution idea maybe you can consider Devolution Spray/AZ/Super Scoop up/Scoop up cyclone.

Don't worry about Clefable. Its ability is too random for it to be worth of taking space in your deck. Instead add some balls.

Haunter confuses your active pokemon as well so not ideal all the time.

Finally Porygon Z is just an awful card I can't think of one situation where you could benefit from it.

Sorry for all the negativity but I just don't see it working at all. Hopefully you get more positive comments from other people.  :unsure:

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Actually I have a Porygon Z deck that's not bad. It's basically a mill deck, and IMO, one of the strongest mill decks.




4X2X3 Porygon Z (with 2 Rare Candy)

2X2 Crawdaunt

2X2 Milotic (the one that lets you get stuff from the discard)

2 Bunnleby


I use Fairy Garden and run Fairy Energy.


The rest is typical mill deck stuff. Hammers, Trick Shovels, etc.


You have to keep Porygon Z in the active and spam Digital Reboot. The attack that confuses is also useful. It sucks against fighting decks though because of the weakness and too many pokemon that can hit hard for 1 energy. But with a good setup you can easily keep people out of energy and just keep spamming Milotic to keep getting Hammers and Trick Shovels. 


It's the only real use I've found for Porygno Z, but its quite effective. (At least it was until Item lock Trevenant got big).

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