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BREAKthrough Chatot #128/162


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My name is Philip Sims, KingspadeIX is my tag, a few times each week I will try to review a few cards. I will be judging them not just on how good they are, but how well designed they are. Today's Topic is BREAKthrough Chatot #128/162

A quick note: how playable a card is is very different from how well designed it is. through my review processes you will see cards that may be "very playable" but have a low design rating. This is because the card is overpowered. For non-real example: A non-EX basic that hist for 100 damage for no energy would be extremely playable but would also be of terrible design since it would be grossly overpowered.


How Playable: Unplayable


Design Rating: F


Part of Card review is reviewing cards that are just plain bad. This is one of those cards, I apologize if it seems a bit rant like. I gave BREAKthrough Chatot a "F" rating because it is flat out terrible across the board and on top of that, it is a rare. Ill go over the card and explain in detail. After I go over why it is terrible, I will take some time talking about how it could have been better/playable.


HP: 70


For a basic Pokemon that does not evolve, having 70 HP is terrible. Basically it is asking to die turn 2. A typical playable basic with  no evolution should have 90-130 HP.


1st Attack:  Sing


This attack is the best thing about this card. One colorless energy to put your opponents active asleep is by itself a playable attack. To bad they made the rest of the card really bad.


2nd Attack: Aerial Ace


Two colorless energies or one DCE to do 10+ flip a coin to do 30 more damage.

le sigh.

This is SO BAD! The worst part of this, is that this is the "big pay off".  Lets say you slept your opponent last turn and your lucky enough that he stayed asleep so you are actually alive, what do you get to do? 10-40 damage for 2 energy....


Weakness: Electric


It really doesn't matter, at 70 HP it would probably be one shot anyway.


Resistance: Fighting


Having resistance to fighting isn't going to save you much when you only have 70 HP, not to mention all the ways fighting can boost their damage.


Retreat: 1


Come on! You could have at least given him free retreat :(




I suppose if you find yourself for whatever reason feeling totally compelled to make a Chatot deck, then the best thing you can do is Muscle Band it, play Giovanni's Scheme, Crobat, and for sure Teammates so it is worth something when it kicks the bucket.

You could also just Sing all day long and pray your opponent gets so annoyed with being asleep that they just quit.


How this card could be so much better:


There are a few ways Chatot could be playable, ill go over a few.


Option 1:


HP: 90

Give it the Ancient Trait "Barrage".

1st Attack: Sing

1 colorless: Put your opponent's Active Pokemon to sleep.

2 colorless: Aerial Ace

10+ Flip a coin if heads do 30 more.


By making these changes it can sing then do 10+30 more on the flip. Or just 10+30 more 2 times. With Barrage you could play Muscle Band and actually hit between 60-120 a turn. Throw in Giovanni's Scheme and it would 100-160 for 2!


Option 2:


HP: 90

1st attack: Sing

1 colorless: Put your opponent's Active Pokemon to sleep. Your opponent must flip two heads in between turns to wake up.

2nd attack: Aerial Ace

2 colorless: 30+ flip a coin if heads do 20 more.

Retreat: free


Option 3:


HP: 70

1st attack: Sing

1 colorless: Put your opponent's Active Pokemon to sleep. Your opponent must flip two heads in between turns to wake up.

2nd Attack: Collect

2 colorless: Draw 2 cards.


Any of these of these options would make it playable. The first option would make it an attacker. The second option would be good to sleep stall and switch in to hit with something else. Option three would be a set up early game card. I just don't understand why it was printed as it is, a little thought and it could have been playable.


Tell me what you think of BREAKthrough Chatot and what you think of my suggested changes. Would my changes be too good? Fun? Would you consider playing it with those changes?

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I agree with almost every point you made, especially regarding a basic pokemon with no evolutions needing a decent amount of HP, there is no excuse for the card designers to give them such terrible HP, same applies to basic pokemon in a 3 stage evolution line that only has 30 or 40 HP, NO basic pokemon in the game should have under 50 HP anymore, and even that is extremely low.

Cards like Chatot seem to be made simply as filler cards for theme decks, they have to know that no sensible player will ever use them in a real deck, so "theme deck filler" is the only thing that makes sense to me. And even then, Chatot still fails, if it had 80 HP and free retreat, then it might be slightly worth having in a theme deck.

Now, as far as these "card reviews" go, I'm all for it, but I'd suggest you limit it to rare cards and only from the XY expansions, don't go further back than that, with the odd exception here and there for useful Uncommon cards and so on.


Also, I'd like to see you give some feedback on some EX cards, especially some in BreakPoint, such as Scizor, which is one of the worst EX cards of all time, and it's Mega doesn't redeem it in any way. Or the Eeveelution EX cards, they are ALL terrible and it's a real shame.

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Or the Eeveelution EX cards, they are ALL terrible and it's a real shame.


I kind of like Jolteon, free retreat, neat 1(L) attack that can hit anything and a really good secondary attack. Low HP but with a fighting belt it can survive for quite some time in the game :)


But I agree most of the new generations cards are pretty average  

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