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Offical Formats from Past Seasons


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I've already suggested this on another thread, but I think offical formats from past seasons should be added to PTCGO. You can playtest outdated decks, and play against people with older cards.





HS-BLW (2011 Mid Season Rotation / Worlds and Nationals)

HS-DEX (2012 Worlds)

BLW-PLB (2013 Worlds)

NXD-FLF (2014 Worlds)

BCR-ROS (2015 Worlds)


BLW-ROS (2015 Expanded).


Some rule changes would have to take place for some older formats, like Catcher without a coin flip and attacking while going first.

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I think it should be not new formats but customization for Unlimited: usage a combination of checkboxes. Anyway, too much settings for customization "would be worth it to segment the current player base further by adding in new formats (such additions would spread players out further which could lead to longer queue times, for example)." © Mod_Poplar



But I really want "One Gen Formats": HGSS-CoL, BW-LT and, in the future, XY - "Last XY set".

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I like the idea of those older formats, though the problem is that for one it increases the queue times ( as Mod Poplar already stated in the past) and even more importantly I don't know how many people have the necessary card pool to support a format like HS- BLW / HS-DEX, as a lot of the cards you'd need for this might not be included in your typical unlimited pool.



In terms of special events to celebrate the anniversary I think something along those lines might be more feasible:


One weekend every month player get a couple of pre-constructed decks that resemble the top 8 of worlds 2011/12/13/14/15. After the event those decks will vanish from your collection again. You can then choose to play with those decks either in a special format ( lets call it “Flashback” for the time being), to test out your skill with thm and to see how they match up against each other, or you can take them into the regular modes and see how those old decks match up in the new environment ( obviously you'd keep the format restrictions, i.e. HS-BLW decks would only be playable in Unlimited).


Pro arguments:


- it's only available for a limited time, thus not having a long lasting impact on queue times


- everyone can play with those decks, no matter the collection size


- those decks serve as a nice history lesson for younger player, as well as teaching a bit about deck building during the different eras


- they promote nostalgia and add a nice spin to the game, just imagine yourself recreating he prestigious finals of an event like worlds


Contra arguments:


- implementing the old rules (i.e. Pokemon Catcher) without messing up the game seems almost impossible


- so far we could only cover 5 events, as worlds 2010 and beyond would require the addition of older cards in the client, which is highly unlikely


- playing with pre-constructed decks could spoil the fun for some players ( although it aint like the game would force you to play with them^^).

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