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Two Forum Boards Issues I Have Noticed


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Hi. I just wanted to let you moderators know of two forum board issues I have found. First, when I make a post on this forum board there are sometimes weird lines of text that shows up starting with the word warning and I have to refresh the page to see my post. Second, when I log out of the forum board, there is either a page that comes up saying error or I get taken to the main website. (In the past, if I logged out of the forum page, I would just quickly be brought back to the forum page to then exit out of my browser as opposed to going to the main website.)


These are honestly just minor inconveniences I wanted to point out so they would not grow out of hand. Please, if you have not answered it yet, check out my missing items post, moderator. Also, thank you for reading this and paying attention to it. :)


PS: I did not know what tag to use so I picked the easiest looking one.

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