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Token and Gems


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Tokens will be used for buying items for your avatar and possibly other visual things like playmats and coins (failing that the last two will be tied to theme deck codes and gems I guess, but as they don't affect gameplay I wouldn't be suprised if is several show up as token purchases).


From account options:


"Shopping Mode


Open: Account may spend both Gems (purchased currency) and Tokens (earned currency) in the shop.


Restricted: Account may only spend Tokens (earned currency) in the shop."


In short you buy gems with money and then use them to buy things in the shop. It's fairly easy to deduce gems will be used to buy booster credits and individual cards from the shop given it's current menu layout.


The current trade interface also seems to indicate you can use gems in lou cards from your collection, basicaly using the gems to buy the missing individal cards to complete the trade and saving you a trip to the shop to get them. Though thats a bit more on the speculation side of things.




As for when? I'm not sure even the devs could be certain when these features would be ironed out and ready for release (short of them already being, which would mean in the next major build, but thats probably way too optimistic). :-P


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I'd say it's actually the opposite: Tokens can only be spent for cards, and nothing else (well, except on the regular pokemon.com site). Gems (and booster codes) will be for getting card (alot) faster, and for any additional stuff like avatar items, playmats etcetera.




At least, that's very common for F2P and it has been proven to work well (otherwise, F2P would've been dead long ago): persuade the F2P to stay by giving the F2P the minimum required to have fun, and eventually the F2P will want additional stuff, or getting cards faster to complete a new deck or something.


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Yeah good luck with that.


The reason most F2P games operate like that (and frankly the majority don't, especialy CTCGs, though granted it is a good model for some other ones) is because they need to operate that way to build up a dedicated user base.


Pokemon TCGO on the other hand had a dedidcated user base before they even started developing it. It was a user base already used to paying an average of $0.70 a card too. Granted it's a digital version the expected value will be lower (in this case about 10 times lower it seems, but that because at the moment a digital booster accounts for 1/11th of a real booster, if buying boosters on the online shop costs more the value of the physical booster code cards will jump to about 70-80% of digital store value). That said with it's current userbase it has no need to adopt that model, especialy when clearly not the model it's publisher expects it to be based on.


Heck they are only considering adding the ability to buy cards online due to high demand from the players. Originaly the only way they planned for you to get digital boosters is by buying real ones. The Online version of the game only came into existance to support the real world version, they didn't want it to compete with it... Which is the real nail in the coffin of the idea of playing the digital version entirely for free. That would never be supported by the licence holders because it would hurt the sales of their other product.


Look around the forums, there have been a large number of people willing to pay the full cost of real world booster packs just to get the digtial booster (Announcing they already do and throw the real cards in the trash). Not to mention the plothora of people willing to pay half the price. You can bet they are going to try capititalise on that, it's just good business sense. They already give you more then enough free cards to play the game fairly and swell the userbase, It's not going to get bigger because they throw out more, and they certainly aren't going to make any money that way... And they need to make money from it, this entire project is far from free to setup and run.


Plus you know... We've already known for ages that avatar items are what tokens are going to be used for... Like since day one. They havn't officialy announced the functionality of gems yet, but the fact it's a gem counter in the trade interface and not a token counter is pretty telling.


Now it maybe possible that you will be able to use tokens to buy a small handful of collectable non competitive cards for less then a handfull of tokens... But even that is overly optimistic, so don't get your hopes up if you don't want to be disapointed. Just saying. :-/


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