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Your Top 10 Card Artworks Of All Time?


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I have been wanting to make this thread for a couple of weeks now and finally have time to do it. I browsed through the forum and I don't think this has been done yet, but forgive me if it has.


Basically, I want to know what your top 10 card artworks are for the PTCG. Any generation, any set, anything goes.


I have been collecting since gen 1 so my list is all over the place. I could have made this list all Team Rocket Set cards because that is my favorite set, but I will try to branch out a bit haha.


Anyway, without further ado, here is my top 10:


10. Emboar (Legendary Treasures, 27/113, Kanaka Eo)

9. Dark Primeape (Team Rocket, 43/82, Mitsuhiro Arita)

8. Dragonair (Base Set, 18/102, Mitsuhiro Arita)

7. Vaporeon (Jungle, 12/64, Kagemaru Himeno)

6. Zapdos (Base Set, 16/102, Ken Sugimori)

5. Gengar (Stormfront, 18/100, Hajime Kusajima)

4. Goop Gas Attack (Team Rocket, 78/82, Sumiyoshi Kizuki)

3. Imposter Oak's Revenge (Team Rocket, 76/82, Ken Sugimori)

2. Dark Gengar (Neo Destiny, 6/105, Aya Kusube)

1. Umbreon (HS Undaunted, 86/90, Hideaki Hakozaki)


This was incredibly hard to do, and I could probably make a completely different list of 10 everyday for a month or two straight. But for now, this is my list. I look forward to seeing yours.

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Will update this as I browse the card databases across the net



10: Charizard-* d (EX-Dragon Frontiers 100/101, Mazakazu "******oo-da")












Honorable Mention: Skyla (XY-BREAKpoint 122/122, Megumi Mizutani)




EDIT 513: Wow, the censoring on this forum is like typing an email with an OCD friend reading over your shoulder and telling you what not to write by smashing your face into the keyboard every time you disobey

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