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Trading away Zek and more


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Trading away


2x Zekrom - 1 FA


1x Samurott ability


5x energy search


3x pokemon communications


2x revive


2x prof. juniper






Looking For


Rare Candy


Pokemon Collector








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i'd like to trade for your Zekrom, but i don't have anything in your "LF" list


and can only try to offer


Foil Gliscor, Pokemon Communication, and Carnivine rare and Tropius rare...


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Hey BlackPhantasy I am sure you were on a topic that said you would trade packs for cards I now cannot find that topic so I will say here that I cannot trade the engineers for some reason so would you accept Sunflora+Twins for 2 booster packs (1 if you have too).




PS. My Binders don't seem to be working so check my binders to see if the Sunflora and Twins are on there.


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