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Looking for some cards. Willing to trade Donphan Prime.


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Im looking for:


2x Serperior (Ability)


2x Reuniclus


2x Duosion


1x Solosis


2x Zekrom


2x Rare Candy


2x Professor Oak's New Theory


1x Pokemon Collector


2x Dual Ball




My cards for Trade:


1x Donphan Prime


1x Krookodile


1x Gyarados Foil


1x Weezing


1x Tyrogue Foil (PokeBody)


1x Sunflora (Ability)


1x Smoochum (Ability)


1x Scrafty


2x Scolipede


1x Swasbuck


1x Sawk


1x Pichu (PokeBody)


1x ***********_br /> 1x Meganium


These are just my rares and they're all in my binder.


If you're after any uncommons/commons, just ask and I'll check.




EDIT: This game has some unbelieveably STUPID word filters. Can't type Mush-arna?! Seriously, sort it out.


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Sounds good to me.


Can you make me the offer? I'm just in a ranked match at the moment xD


Cheers ^^




EDIT: Finished my game, but you don't seem to have a binder of your trades, so I can't make you an offer >.<


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ok something really confusing happened to my dual ball,so is a junk arm okay?


ill keep looking to see what happened to that card though


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