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On average, would you say Tyrantrum-EX is better with Muscle Band or Fury Belt?


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Title pretty much says it all.

I can see how if you're pairing Tyrantrum-EX with Giratina-EX the Muscle Band might be better for that 120 number, and with Tyrantrum-EX the 210 takes out the brittle Mega-EX Pokemon (Manectric-EX, etc), and along with Giovanni you can even take out the few 230 Mega Pokes. Also 170 HP EX Pokes that run Fighting Fury Belt also get taken out without Giovanni's help.

But with Fury Belt you get that sweet HP boost that can save you a lot of the time from death, and with Giovanni you can still take out Mega Pokemon with up to 220 HP (as well basic EX's with 180 HP running FFB). Also I have one deck I run where Tyrantrum-EX is the only attacker anyway (excluding Zoroark occasionally attacking and the Jirachi promo which I have in there), and this is where I feel like maybe I should opt for FFB?

I have had a lot of matches where nobody runs Mega EXs or EXs at all though, so the Muscle Band ended up being worthless whereas the FFB could have been helping me live a few times.

The other thing I was thinking is that if I opt for FFB, I could pair it with Faded Town which would take out all the Mega Pokemon I would otherwise be worried about anyway. 

In the end, I feel almost like either one works, and I'm having a hard time deciding. What would you guys run on Tyrantrum-EX?

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What stadium do you run? If you are running Fairy Garden, then I'd probably stick with Muscle Band, but if you are using Zoroark for retreat and using some other stadium, then I'd probably go with the Belt and Faded Town.


Also, what about Garchomp/Tyrantrum, using Garchomp to get back the Double Dragons.

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I tried Fairy Garden but couldn't get it to work well (if you wanna offer up a deck list for that it would be awesome). With Zoroark I've been having a lot of success though, and I actually prefer a Zoro deck where Tyrantrum-EX is my only EX to the deck where I include Aegislash-EX and Giratina-EX (though both decks are fun and viable).

I don't have enough Garchomps yet for a Garchomp deck, but the recycling would certainly be a fun thing to try when I do.

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i'd personally prefer ffb because:


1. the 40 extra health allows you to be in that awkward zone


even night march has a fair amount of a problem ohkoing a 220 hp pokemon- simply because it just is asking too much.. 10 poke + muscle band? or 11 pokemon + ff belt? (the latter meaning that you cannot have a single nm pokemon prized)


mega sceptile is no longer a 2hko , black ballista kyurem, gene- ex is no longer a ohko, landorus-ex+ strong+ m-band+ stadium is no longer a 2hko, lucario requires tons of effort to manage a 2hko (compared to a fairly easy 2hko otherwise)


2. ff belt is useful on aegislash as well


90% of moves which aren't hurt by dce missing (in terms of speed or ability to perform the move itself) are under 100 power- meaning that you can actually survive 2 hits from them with aegislash


I do understand that I have listed a lot of expanded reasons (tournament play) but i'm sure you'll find pretty similar findings in standard as well


(muscle band is a pretty good option, but with tyrantrum's crazy hitting power, i'd rather go for improving my prize trade than to try and land those 10% who manage to escape ohko)

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