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[CARD] Greninja (BREAKpoint #40) - The effect of the Shadow Stitching attack is removed when this Pokémon is sent to the Bench


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I attacked my opponent's Sceptile with my greninja's shadow stitching attack. The attack does 40 damage as expected but the secondary effect failed. It's supposed to disable my opponents ability for their turn. However, when my opponent lysandred my other Pokemon in. He was able to use abyssal hand on his octilary. I read and re-read the attack description, it says nothing about greninja needing to stay active.

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Hey there!


This is a known issue which the Dev team is working to resolve, so I'll close this thread. We greatly appreciate your patience until this can be fixed and encourage you to create a new thread or submit a ticket via the link in my signature if you come across any other bugs.
Thanks for your report!
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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