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LF Cards for Water/Colorless deck Wouldn't mind some Tips on cards to look for...


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Will only be able to trade cards at the moment as I do not have any packs but will be willing to trade cards for packs if any one wants cards for packs


I've marked all the cards that I am willing or able to part with...Most aren't that great mostly commons an Uncommons maybe a few rares As I don't have many cards as I just started a week ago...


User Name Kryptonit385


My current deck List is below if anyone wants to make suggestions on things to look for while I'm trading....


Pokemon: (***


** Gyarados EX

1x Manaphy EX

1x Regigigas

1x Raticate Break (Super Fang)

1x Raticate (Dirty Shock)

1x Rattata (Dangerous Suspicion)

1x Gyarados (stage **

** Magikarp

1x Articuno (Chilling Sigh)

1x Suicune

1x Palkia EX

2x Bouffalant


Trainer: (28)




1x Escape Rope

2x Ultra Ball

1x Town Map

1x Enhanced Hammer

2x Dive Ball

2x Trainers' Mail

1x Revive

1x VS Seeker




2x Steven

3x Cheren

2x Cilan

2x Pokemon Fan Club

2x Team Flare Grunt

1x Lysandre

1x Xerosic

1x Professor Juniper

2x Pokemon Center Lady

1x Teammates




4x Double Colorless

1x Splash Energy

14x Water

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