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Matchmaking needs to take into account deck win/loss


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I like to make all kinds of different decks, and sometimes they are good and I will win multiple games in a row. And sometimes I make fun decks, but because I won games before that, my fun deck gets paired up against really competitive decks.


It's gotten to the point that I'm winning like 1/5 games now because my 'fun' decks just can't compete against Night March, Seismetoad EX, etc.


My first thought is that the game should have a 'competitive value' for every card and decks with a higher competitive value should be the #1 determinant for matchmaking, but I understand that would take a lot of work to implement.


I think my short-term solution would be a decks win/loss record to help determine what other decks it runs into. So if I made a brand new deck, I shouldn't be playing other people with multiple wins with their deck.


Yeah, I see it can be abused if people just keep making the same deck over and over again and get paired up against weaker decks.


But this is just frustrating. I get penalized and put in basically auto-loss scenarios for all the fun decks I make because I had any bit of success in the past. When I'm trying to complete a new scenario each day, I don't want to have to feel forced to play the meta option because otherwise I won't deal damage, won't KO pokemon, and won't be able to complete the challenges.


It also seems like if I win a few games, my rank goes up a lot and I face much harder decks. But if I lose 5 games in a row like I did today, basically nothing changes and I'm stuck still facing Night March decks.


I guess I'll need to rely on theme deck mode if I'm going to have any chance of doing dailies.

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I think that matching people within a margin of winrate (say, 10-20%) could be doable. I don't know how much work it would actually take to implement this, but to me at least it sounds plausible.


Do bare in mind, however, that in tournaments all bets are off. Even the things that normally get factored into matchmaking don't mean much of anything. The tournament qeue just takes the first 8 people who join and puts them together. You could actually have a complete noob playing against an expert because of this, which would normally never happen in versus.


For example, the other day I played against Bulbasaur in a tournament. Needless to say, I got my *** handed to me xd

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I second this decision!


once I was playing with a deck made for a somewhat eccentric tourney- featuring water type commons only! and I was still getting matched up vs tier one decks..


something about that has to scream hilarious.. lol

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