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Advice needed for classic "RayBoar" (DRX Ray EX+BW Emboar) decklist competing in current expanded format


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First of all, this is my first EVER post on here. I've played fairly competitively IRL and have only been playing online for about a month.

I'm looking for suggestions for this RayBoar deck. I used to run this IRL and i LOVED it, and i just recently switched over to online. I know this deck is not really top tier anymore, but I've already created it here online, and have the means for pretty much any cards i need. Except maybe Tropical Beach. I feel Shaymin EX ROS helps do what Beach did. Please post your thoughts or advice on my decklist, or about Shaymin vs Beach, etc. I would like to fit in either 1 more Lysandre or at least 2 Catcher. My main focus, however, is getting advice for very CONSISTENT T2 Emboar. Thanks for any advice. Without further ado, here's the current list:


Pokemon: (17)

 Rayquaza EX DRX x3

Reshiram BW/LTR x2

Shaymin EX ROS x2

Tepig BCS x2

Tepig LTR x2

Emboar BW/NXD/LTR x4

Mewtwo NXD x1


Trainers: (32)


Pro Juniper x3

N x2

Skyla x3

Lysandre x1

Teammates x1 (idea is that you can go for both the rare candy and Emboar if falling behind in game)

Delinquent x1


Skyarrow Bridge x2


VS Seeker x3

Ultra Ball x4

Level Ball x2

Rare Candy x4

Superior Energy Retrieval x4

Professor's Letter x2

Dowsing Machine x2 ( I also have Comp search, still deciding on which to use)


Energy: (11)


3 Lightning

8 Fire


Thoughts???? Also, if i made any mistakes in protocol or whatever here on the forum, please let me know cause I'm a noob here;) THANKS FOR READING AND FOR POSTING ADVICE!!!



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Looks fun!!, what about Hydreigon Ex to help with retreating regardless of skyarrow bridge?


And you can only add one dowsing machine as it's an ace spec card. Maybe instead you can add hex maniac for any ex resistant deck?

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haha oops typo, I only have 1 Dowsing in there. Hydreigon EX would be alright but what would i take out? it depends on having a stadium in play, right? Thanks for the reply.

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I'd remove 1 line of Tepig - Emboar

3-3 with enough draw power seems more than enough to me.


Since you are running super energy retrievals what about adding 2x exegute (propagation) instead? 
Also what about a nice fighting fury belt for your rayquaza? I'm sure he'll love his 210 HP and hitting for 70-130-190 instead  :P 

Finally if running hydreigon Ex you can swap the skyarrow bridge for scorched earth stadiums to give you better draw power. I wouldn't worry with Mewtwo but that's just a personal choice.

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Imo, Dynamotor Eel Ray is still superior, as Emboar with the absence of an Archie/Maxie is a lot harder to play, but it does look fun, i might try it !

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