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Wanting some opinions on my deck...


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Sigibro-StallKing Deck


-Sigilyph (Emerging Powers) x 4


-Slowpoke (Undaunted) x 4


-Slowbro (Heartgold/SoulSilver) x 2


-Slowking (Call of Legends) x 2


-Bill x 4


-Dual Ball x 3


-Engineer's Adjustments x 4


-Great Ball x 2


-Pluspower x 3


-Potion x 3


-Professor Elm's Training Method x 2


-Professor Oak's New Theory x 2


-Psychic Energy x 25




Ideal Playstyle:


I begin the match with Slowpoke as my active Pokemon, Sigilyphs and other Slowpokes go on the bench. I use one energy on the Slowpoke and from then on focus on powering the Sigilyphs and soon to be Slowbros. Until my bench is filled, i use Rambunctious Party every turn to speed things up. Early on I evolve one of the benched Slowpokes into a Slowking, and the rest into Slowbros. Now, using Slowking's Poke-Power, i continue to push the opponent's energies and energy receiving trainer cards further into his deck each turn. Ill let the opponent draw his Pokemon instead, but it doesnt really matter since he has no energy to power them with. Occasionally things will stack up in his deck and he will ultimately gain some energies, but by that time i have a full bench of Sigilyph and Slowbro ready to sweep and revenge whatever he manages to set up.


Other Scenarios:


-Opponent may have plenty of energies or trainers in his first hand. In this case, i use the Slowking to set up my own deck until i am sure that he has used them all.


-Opponent's deck is all Electric Type. This is only a problem if he manages to get a Raichu out within the first 3 or so turns. Slowbro can 1hko it with MadKinesis and Sigilyph can 2hko it. But of course this deck can do nothing to a Zekrom deck. I expect to lose 100% of the time and will forfeit as soon as a Zekrom comes out.




Ok, what do you think of it? Anything in particular i should add? Iv used it in 25 matches or so, only losing 1 (Bad start against Electric Starter Deck) and forfeiting against 1 (Zekrom deck). Here is a video of it in action, but its an earlier version. Its basically the same but has 2 Teddiursa and an Ursaring in place of 3 of the trainers. www.youtube.com/watch


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Some things I noticed:




How do you manage to start without giving your opponent too many free cards, with only 8 basics? When I run anything less than 12, I frequently have to mulligan multiple times. But okay, if you're having good luck, continue to make use of it of course.




Way too many energies. And this is coming from someone who also runs alot more energies than most people would suggest. You're having only 8 Pokemon to attach energy to (don't say you have 12, that's your total amount of Pokemon), but even with more, 25 energies is too much. Go with 20 energy max for this deck, even with the Engineer's Adjustments that should work fine. You can always add 2x Energy Retrieval to your deck to be safe (not necessary, personally I wouldn't for this deck. Just to show you), would still save 3 deck spaces for other cards.




Statistically, Great Ball should work out for you. However, with only 12 Pokemon, wouldn't you call it a bit risky? As much as I prefer Great Ball over Pokemon Communication, the latter should be better for you. But like with point 1: it all depends on your luck. With this, you can also get rid of Elm's Training Method (Communication will fetch your evo's) and add some additional draw supporters or something else (perhaps Pokemon Collector for Communication fuel and just fetching basics, would mean you can remove the Dual Balls).




There are so many cards better than Bill. I know Cheer would go against your theme, but there are Rocket's Trickery, Emcee's Chatter and Cheren. Try and get Cheren, or at least the other cards.


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What does Cheren do? Iv never seen it.


The most iv ever had to redraw my hand is twice in one match. Its hardly a problem since they usually have so many trainers that a few extra cards at the beginning wont matter much. I cant really think of any more basics to add that would have a positive effect on the deck. With Teddiursa/Ursaring i ended up wasting tons of energy that would have been much better spent on Sigilyph/Slowbro.


I like having more than enough energies. I could probably make do with 5 less though.


I plan to replace the Greatballs with Pokemon Communication when i get good enough cards to trade for them. I dont have much to offer so it'll be a while. And ill try to get some Cherens and maybe a Rocket's Trickery while im at it. But im worried about drawing more cards. Iv drawn myself out twice before without noticing it until it was too late. Maybe i should add a Pokedex or something instead of so many Cheren/Bill/Trickery.


Thanks for the feedback.


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Cheren draws you 3 cards, which is of course a clear upgrade over Bill like Rocket's Trickery and Emcee's Chatter.




And you wouldn't want an additional evo line, of course. Just a basic to prevent mulligans, and preferably something that allows you to build up your key Pokemon on the Bench instead of 1 of them as Active. Take a look at Tyrogue: it deals 30 damage for NO energy, retreats for FREE (so once a Pokemon has been set up, you can easily switch), and when it's asleep it can't be damaged. Unfortunately it only has 30 HP, but it's nicely protected as its attack makes it fall asleep after having used it, giving your opponent only a 50/50 chance of damaging it (beware: other effects do apply). It's a great thing to start with, or just to send in when nothing's ready yet. And there are always other situations where it's useful.


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Alright, iv got a few offers up for Rocket's Trickery and Cheren. Ill see if i can get them.


Iv used that Tyrogue before but he always wakes up as my turn ends. The only time he does sleep through the opponent's turn, he sleeps through mine too. Way too luck driven for me.


I was thinking about either Larvitar, Eevee(Call for family and Tickle) or Celebi (Future Sight). Larvitar would be brought in after the bench is full and a Slowking is in play. Instead of moving their energies further back into their deck, i would put them on the top and eat them with Larvitar. Eevee would just help fill the bench, but i feel that Slowpoke does it good enough with as many Dual balls as i have. Celebi would do the exact same thing that Slowking is doing, but to a larger extent, but can only do it when active. Which one should i use? Im leaning toward the Eevee personally.


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k, ill try to replace 4 Bills and 3 Dual Balls with 3 Stantlers, 2 Rocket's Trickery, and 2 Cheren.


After that ill see to cutting down some of the energies.




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but as i said above, iv had real bad luck with babies. Waking up as my turn ends, and sleeping through my turn on the off chance that they sleep through the opponents.




Ok, got 3 Rocket's Trickery, 2 Stantler and 1 Cheren. Currently trying to get another Cheren and Rocket's Trickery to replace the Dual Balls with.


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i just built a deck in person that had 11 basic pokemon, and it always lost by having no basic pokemon on the bench. and you only have eight?. and only a few evolutions? i would put in another evolution in place of some energy and some trainers.


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- Your deck is going to get hit hard by any deck that has heavy hitters (Zeckrom/Resh).


- You're running too many energy cards


- You're running too little basic pokemon. Have fun letting your opponent get free draws in the beginning of each round.


- You should use more Oaks and Junipers.


- Use Pokemon Collector to get your bench full ASAP.


- Get rid of Bill


Overall, this deck is a bit easy to be destroyed.




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