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[CARD] Talonflame (Phantom Forces #10) - The Jet Shoot attack does not provide the damage increase


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Good morning,


I've redeemed in the shop 500 Tokens for the "Burning Winds" decks which includes the card named "Talonflame" 10/119 from the Phantom Forces expansion.


Whenever I use its "Jet Shoot" attack I don't have any damage increase done to Talonflame in my opponent's next turn. It doesn't ever appear the pink arrow counter showing there is a negative effect on Talonflame at the end of the turn I've used "Jet Shoot".





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Hello Trainers,


Thank you for taking the time to post about this issue.  We do have this issue tracked in our bug tracking system and is in the queue for a fix.  Look for patch notes in the future.


Our apologies for the bug.

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