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Greninja/Break/Dustox AT - KO 2 EX for 6 prize


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I'm starting to work on this deck which focus on setting up Greninja Break upon Greninja Shuriken in order to deal 9 damage counters, and set up Dustox to deal 5 more damage counters. The goal is to KO 2 of the opponents pokémon Ex or 3 regular sitting on the bench. Lysandre will be essential to disrupt in order to keep the strongest pokémon on the bench and easily target them.


Articuno has Plus AT as well and doesn't need to evolve (which might be a problem), needs 2 water and 1 colorless to attack, and it needs Trick Coin in order to succeed, so due to this 3 reasons it's too inconsistent and i rather use Dustox/Forest of Giant Plants, which attacks with 1 dce and 1 grass energy.


To KO a 180HP EX it will be needed to use 1 Water Shuriken and 2 Giant Water Shuriken and then Dustox, 30+60+60+50=200HP. If it's a 170HP EX it's easier or faster cause it isn't necessary to have the 2nd Greninja Break set up, so 30+30+60+50=170HP.


For now i have structured the concept, but i don't know if i should build an Archie's or simply evolve (Frogadier from BP would be useful in case of evolving). Archie's seems more like it, as i can start evolving Dustox using Forest of Giant Plants while bringing Greninja XY from discard turn 1 or 2 and evolve to Break using water ball or UB.


Also, maybe i'd need some strong attacker to keep active, or high HP active (like Wailord), to keep my Dustox safe on the bench while evolving. Garbotoxin might be a serious issue as it won't allow me to use Shurikens even to KO it, so maybe Lysandre it out and use an attacker (instead of Wailord) to KO it - any basic that deals 100 damage for the least amount of energy - or tool scrapper (although the opponent can attach another tool next turn, and at some point i'd be out of Scrappers).


It seems a consistent deck, weak to Garbodor (need to counter or KO it) but that's all i can remember for now. Any more weaknesses you can think of...??


I'm open to all ideas and concepts. Feel free to criticize and help me make the deck grow.




EDIT: Oh i'll post my list of the deck latter today.

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Seems like its hard to pass up Miltank in a deck like this. Do you run Forest of Giant Plants? I think so, because the problem with Rough Seas and spread damage decks is if you go up against a water or electric deck it makes it really hard. So I'd play Forest, and probably 2X2X2 Dustox, with 2X4X3X2 Greninja, and 1 or 2 Miltank. But man, that's tight. It's hard to run 2 Stage 2s, especially when in that case, there are reasons not to use Rare Candy. 


You could also say forget the other benefits and run:


3X1X3 Dustox

3X1X3X2 Greninja

2 Miltank


With 4 Rare Candy. If you did that I'd probably run stuff like Silent Lab, Parallel City, and/or Faded Town. 

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Right, Miltank is a good choice, plus adding a Muscle Band it KOs Garbodor and i got that problem solved! Nice!


Forest of Giant Plants! Rough Seas could be fatal as you said, and Greninja ideally won't be an active pokémon. But still, Dustox might not be that fast to setup as i think it will, and in that case no FGP nor RS.


Setting up Greninja doesn't seem that hard when running Archie's either, so i'd forget about rare candies and then evolve into Break from there. This is hopefully quick enough to spread some damage counters T3/T4 onwards which is the right time to evolve Dustox as surprise factor.


So what concerned me the most was Which pokémon to keep active while waiting for the right time for Dustox. Ideally i should setup Dustox in 1 turn, 2 tops, so maybe Miltank will do it. But what makes more sense to me is to have some poké that can do at least 3 damage counters to any opponent poké.


Another problem i considered is energy waste. It's cool to deal 180 damage without even attacking, but it requires 4 energy, plus 3 on the attacking Dustox, so both consistent energy drawing and energy retrieving are essential qualities which have to fit somewhere.


Last but not least, is how easy is it to setup Dustox when running Archie's type of deck VS how easy is it to setup Greninja via rare candy/balls when running a normal deck with FGP. And how does the energy support fit on each. I could build both and try out.


Couple Shaymin is a must.

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