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Server Update | Feb. 10, 2016


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On February 10, 2016 the Pokémon TCG Online game server was updated to implement the following corrections:

  • Head Ringer (PHF #97) effect now properly persists when a Pokémon-EX is evolve into its Mega EX version.


  • Corrected an issue with Durant’s (NVI #83) Devour attack that was causing it to take an incorrect number of prize cards.


  • Corrected a problem that would allow Greninja (BSP XY#24) to use the Mist Concealment ability after evolving to Greninja BREAK.


  • Dragonite-EX’s (FFI #74) Jet Sonic attack now correctly receives the bonus from Fighting Fury Belt (BKP #99)


  • Fixed issues with Giovanni’s (BKT #138) Scheme when there were exactly 5 cards in the player’s hand.


  • Greninja’s (BKP #40) Moonlight Slash attack now properly is boosted by an attached Muscle Band.


  • Pachirisu’s (PHF #25) Trick Sticker attack now correctly applies {L} weakness on subsequent attacks.


  • Porygon-Z (AOR #67) Digital Reboot attack now properly allows you to choose between no targets or X number of targets.


  • Corrected a display issue with retreat costs after the first energy.


  • Corrected an issue with effects on the defending Pokémon that come from cards that are not attached to it being consistently ignored by attacks which ignore effects on the defending Pokémon.


  • Fixed a problem with Sudowoodo’s (BKP #67) Watch and Learn attack that could lead to a soft lock.


  • Corrected a text display issue with Gible’s (BKP #68) Never Enough attack.
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