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Use for our extra commons and IPhone app


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Well first off I'd like to say we would def like to see an iPhone app, [Content removed - please keep discussion on the topic of Pokémon. -Mod. Poplar] I'm sure you guys can figure it out. it would be awesome to have it

[Removed], I think there needs to be a use for our extra/useless commons/uncommons/rares. [Removed] Let us trade in our cards for some other kind of currency that we can either 1) build specific cards with or 2) purchase more packs with. It is very annoying to me that I have tons of these extra cards and all it does is take up space and make it more annoying for me to find the cards I want to make decks. I want to get rid of them in some other way than offering like 100 useless commons in a trade for something useful

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